You Know What Wouldn’t Be Funny?

The poor little kid in this story is so destined for doom. I mean, look at who he has for role models!

The story begins with a child being babysat by Jonathon Michael Miller, his mother’s current boyfriend, and Stephen Ray Dilley II, his mother’s ex who is the father of one of her other four children. Oh yeah, and she has a restraining order against him, but he’s hangin’ out at her house. The two men were sitting out on the porch when one of them said the famous last words “You know what would be funny?” One of them grabbed a can of compressed starter fluid and a lighter. One of them called the boy outside. As he approached, they sent a ball of flames in his direction! They said they only wanted to toughen him up by giving him a scare, and didn’t expect the flames to reach him. But oh they did, and they burned off a lot of his hair and gave him second-degree burns. Instead of taking him to the hospital, they just tried to treat his burns on their own. How did one put it? “Why go make bills for yourself over little things?” Uh, second-degree burns aren’t little things there chief.

When the mom came home and found out what happened, she promptly overdosed on her bipolar meds and was in the hospital. Just dandy. He went to school, and that’s when he finally got treatment.

I hope he, and the rest of her flock, end up in the care of family who actually know how to raise and care for a child.

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