Kate, You’re Gonna Be Famous

I just saw on Kate’s blog that she got interviewed on CBC’s Mainstreet. How cool! She’s gonna go far! To listen to her interview, which is in Real Media, go here. If you have trouble with Real Media, let me know, I’ll see what I can do. I don’t know if Zamzar can convert ram files…but I guess I’ll find out if someone asks. The page where her interview link can be found is here. Yea! I get to hear her voice! I heard it once, but it was only in a phone interview.

Go, Kate, go! The CBC lady called her book gorgeous. I certainly wouldn’t doubt it…Still wondering if the book will be released to the CNIB library for the blinky kids among us. I may have to poke her again about that. It sounds like it’s an awesome book, I would love it if it was. Sure it’s heavily illustrated, but illustrations can be described, and it sounds like the content is fun. But either way, she’s awesome.

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