Christmas Ramblings

I figured I’d write a few Christmas-related thoughts.

Holy crap, I’m actually getting my Christmas shopping in order. I just need to pick up a few things, and get a couple more ideas, and I’ll be done. Of course, a lot of this stuff has to come through the mail…so there’s still a lot of finger-crossing to do. I wrote a list of all the things each of us are expecting, with code names for the packages that are meant for each other, and holy crap that’s going to keep Mr. Postman busy. But we’ve already received a few, so so far, Mr. Postman hasn’t made me mad yet.

One place that did make me mad, despite all its awesome stuff and descriptions, was goddamn Amazon. How about a few more headings so when I navigate by heading, I don’t end up down by “Where’s my stuff?” There are other important places where I might want to stop along the way. And why in hell do you place the add to cart button for a given item *above* the heading for the item? That is so counterintuitive it’s not funny. And ug listmania and “people also liked” crap can go jump off a cliff! Also, when I forget my password, and solve the CAPTCHA, you can fucking stop bouncing me up into the “re-confirm password” box. And what is up with the words “re-confirm password?” I’m confirming it. Re-confirming it would be “Enter your password.” “Now enter it again.” “Now, just to be sure, enter it a third goddamn time.”

I was just messing around to see if I could find the accessible Amazon site for blinks. I never use it because they don’t even give descriptions there, and sometimes the search can’t find everything that’s up on real Amazon. But I wanted to see if it had changed and what it was called. I found it…and what is proudly displayed up at the top? An ad for the fucking Kindle reader! Hello! The Kindle is inaccessible for blinks! Sure, it reads aloud, but the menus don’t talk! I know, it’s at the top of the real site…but it looks really dumb sitting at the top of a site that’s supposed to be for blinks.

One person who I have no idea what to get is Trixie’s puppy raiser. I wanted to get her something original and new every year. The first year, I got her a gift basket, and tried to get video captured of Trix and I working. But cellphones don’t make good videos, especially when people’s thumbs get in the way. The next year, I got portraits, and a picture of Trixie seeing the man in red. This year, I had fantasies of going on a sleigh ride with Huppy, Huppy’s mom, and Trix and getting some shots of that. But the snow isn’t here, and if it isn’t here real soon, there won’t be time to get the picture mailed to her close to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy we have no snow yet…but no snow doesn’t make for a cool picture, so that idea is pretty much out. I have to think of something cool, I have to think of something cool, I have to think of something cool!

As Huppy gets bigger, and it gets closer to Christmas, I think about singing Christmas songs to him. As I think about songs, I’m realizing how few words to songs I actually know. I mean, I can’t even sing the whole Frosty the Snowman song. Am I going to have to google out the words to Christmas carols? Oh dear dear dear.

I’m so happy we don’t have snow yet. I was thinking about an old choir song where one half of the choir sang “Let it Snow” and the other half sang this little verse about “Winter snow’s in the air. Ice, frost and slush everywhere. Summer’s comin’ too slow. Oh no, the snow’s gotta go.” There’s more, but I can’t remember a few lines, and Google can’t fill ’em in for me.

Well, google didn’t, but two years after I wrote that, a fine anonymous commenter did, complete with link to lyrics!

I always sang the oh no, the snow’s gotta go part. I figured that was how I felt, so I’d be more passionate about it. I don’t know why that song went through my head. I guess it’s because of all Ro’s jinga ringa linging.

Anyway, this year, I was worried it was going to come early. But it’s holding off. I get the feeling that’s not going to be true much longer…but for now, I’m enjoying it.

And that’s about it. That was kind of a letdown.

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  1. >Winter snow's in the air / ice frost and slush everywhere / Summer's coming too slow / oh no! the snow's gotta go / will it ever susbside? / wish all my clothes would get dried / stay 'way mistletoe / oh no! the snow's gotta go / winter time's not for romance / time to put love untold on hold / summer time's your only chance / 'cause I'm coming down, coming down with a cold / a-choo! / (I can't recall the part here, the let it snow people sing about the fire slowly dying) / oh no! / take it slow! / the snow's gotta go!

    Hope that helps…I also have been looking for the lyrics to this song, that is how I found your post!

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