Arrive Alive, But Don’t Let Us Catch You Waiting For Your Sober Drive

I have no reason to personally hate cops, but with more and more stories like this one coming out every day, it’s getting harder and harder not to do so based on principle.

Busting people for public intoxication and fining them $65 each when all they’re guilty of is waiting for their ride home…with the sober ride guy in the parking lot no less is a seriously dickheaded and even worse irresponsible thing to do. Over and over we’re told through advertisements and ride checks that drinking and driving is a poor choice, because it is. It’s also a poor choice to pick on the very same people who are listening to your message and trying to do the right thing. What do you think some of those same people are going to do next time, and what do you think everybody who catches wind of this tax grabbing, abusive dickitry are going to do? They’re going to take their chances and get behind the wheel, because that’s what people do. I’m not drunk,and my odds of getting pulled over are pretty low…and it sure beats forking out 65 bucks is the attitude people have, and even though it’s the wrong attitude, who can blame them when the very people who are supposed to be protecting us from drunk drivers are encouraging it through poorly thought out stupidity like this? Any cop who hands out one of these tickets is going to have the blood of the next impaired driving victim on his or her hands until this is stopped, which had better come sooner rather than later.

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