Who’s The Boss

Daniel Boss’ wife: I wish to argue with you. I shall yell at you at this time.
Daniel Boss: I do not wish to argue, but since you insist, I shall respond by calling you names.
Daniel Boss’ wife: The names with which you are addressing me are not pleasing to my ear, so I feel it is my duty to yell at you at a louder volume.
Daniel Boss: You know, as we sit here engaged in this discourse of discord, it occurs to me that what may be best for both of us is a divorce.
Daniel Boss’ wife: Surely you jest!
Daniel Boss: I can assure you that I most certainly do not.
Daniel Boss’ wife: Well I never! As a result of you so much as having the temerity to suggest such a thing, I must do what is good and honourable and pour the contents of this soft drink can over the hamburger you are attempting to enjoy.
Daniel Boss: Two can play at this game, woman, and you must be punished for your transgression. Allow me to pick up what remains of the very hamburger you so callously defiled and commence rubbing it vigorously into your facial area.
Daniel Boss’ wife: Hello…police?
Police: Mr. Boss,you are under arrest for misdemeanor domestic battery.

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