Explosive Stupidity

Here are a couple of examples of folks who should be no longer with us, but they’re unbelievably lucky, so they’re just fine.

A man in Cape Cod found a 2-foot long tube in the sand. It said “Do not handle” and “property of US Navy” on it. So what did he do? he put a rope on it and dragged it home. Then he called the coastguard and said “hmmm I found this tube thing on the beach. What do ya suppose it is?” After I’m sure they finished shitting themselves, they sent the fire department who promptly took it away and blew it up. What souvenir had this guy brought home? A navy training flare full of phosphorous which can ignite on exposure to air.

Next we have a man in Australia who drove over a detonator 3 times in his car to see what would happen. Thankfully, nothing did, but it could have.

And sadly, these are the people who probably won’t learn a lesson from this and stop being fools. Na, they’ll just keep doing what they did before, and when their actions finally have consequences, the consequences will be paid by some poor innocent sucker nearby who is killed or injured, not by the guys who deserve them.

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