I’d Tell Her She Should Have Known Better, But That Would Just Be Rubbing It In

I wonder if this Denton woman who let a random dude into her house because he was offering a massage would have let herself be tattooed by that guy in Kansas City.

This woman has to be a special kind of dumb. He knocked at her door and said that he was doing field hours for a massage therapy school, and offered her a massage. He was described as wearing flip-flops, a t-shirt, and cargo shorts, but she thought he looked official enough. Lady, where do you get your massages done? He didn’t have a table or his own lotion, and he was knocking at her fucking door in flip-flops, cargo shorts and a t-shirt and he looked official enough? For the rest of the world, massage therapy students don’t get field hours by offering their services at random people’s homes! They set up somewhere and get their hours that way.

Then as soon as he came in, he was asking to do the massage on her bed. She said no, and told him to do it on the couch. Then he kept asking her to take off more clothes, inquired about her chest size, then wondered if she wanted an “ass massage”. Only then did she get a wee bit suspicious. What took ya so long?

After she said she wasn’t down with this and asked him to leave, he gave her a lingering hug and asked her out on a date. Eeewww! She called police, being happy that things didn’t get even worse. And that was only because she’s lucky as hell.

Lady, you didn’t happen to send some money to an unfortunate widow in Nigeria, did ya? And if someone comes to your door offering a free breast exam, don’t let him in either. At least that guy had a doctor’s bag with him, so maybe he had a shred of credibility. Not much, but more than a dude with no massage table or lotion who said he was a student at a massage therapy school.

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