Smackum, America’s Favourite Raw Weapon

Carin and I and nobody else I know for that matter have ever argued about what kind of bread to eat at dinner. It seems like one of those things that nobody could possibly get worked up about. But as it turns out, some people take this kind of thing very seriously. People like 53-year-old Florida woman Elsie Egan,For example.

She was so insistent that her boyfriend, Peter Schabhuttl, should eat sliced bread at supper rather than the roll he wanted that she felt there was no alternative but to smack the 49-year-old disabled terminal cancer patient over the head several times with a raw steak weighing somewhere between 10 and 16 ounces.

Egan, for her part, denied beating him with the meat, but did admit to authorities that she slapped him several times “so that he can learn.”

wow, she sounds like a doll, or at least a stuffed cow.

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