Somebody’s Been Sleeping On My Couch…And There He Is!

That does it, we’re starting a wrong house tag.

Early Sunday morning, 34-year-old Christopher Paul Silga of St. Martin, Mississippi,was hit with DUI and trespassing charges after a night on the town.

His troubles began when he arrived what he thought was home from the bar. Rather than being safe and sound at his girlfriend’s place, he was instead on the couch of a couple that was not expecting him. He had clearly made himself comfortable as not only was he sleeping soundly, but he was also cuddling a teddy bear. The homeowners asked him to leave, which he did, driving off in his Silverado.

Police caught up with him not long after and found him driving in the manner you would expect a guy who has just been torn away from a sleep and a hug in a house that’s not his to be driving. He refused to stop for them, and before all was said and done he had ploughed through a row of mailboxes, refused to take a breath test and even used the classic I’ve only had 2 line, though he did admit that those 2 were big ones.

The police took him to a place where he could go back to sleep presumably without anything to cuddle, where he stayed until Sunday evening when he made bail and was released. The story ends there, so I’m assuming he spent Sunday night in the company of people who knew he was coming.

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