I’m Running Out Of Names For These Thought Posts

Here comes another thought splatter. Enjoy.

Silly Trixie has a new morning habit. She usually sleeps out in her bed in the living room. I have no idea why. But at some point in the night, she gets up and comes to the bed by me. But she used to just come in and lay down. I’d wake up and there she’d be. But lately, she feels the need to say hello to me. She doesn’t make a big production out of it, she just puts her head up on the bed and gives me a sniff or a lick. Then she quietly lays down on her bed and waits for me to wake up. What a little sweetheart.

Every winter, I have to relearn those little things that help me deal with the picking up of Trixie’s poop in the snow. The first time snow falls, I’m so clueless. I forget that I can in fact see the contrast sort of, so aim is a little easier. There are times when I think about that relieving harness thingy. But I’m still not sure.

I’m really wishing I hadn’t lost that whistle that I had from the Babs days. Honestly, I don’t know how I lost it, but try as I might, I can’t find it. I had totally planned to teach Trixie to only eat after I blew the whistle, and always carry it with me, because once it’s associated with food, it’s a great recall tool. I wish I had that right now because I want to take Trix out in the snow to play, but the snow is covered with ice, and I’m always afraid I’ll fall if she’s running around on a flexi which is tied to me. If I could let her loose and just call her back every so often, I’d know where she was at and be able to keep her from the road.

I should just buy another dog whistle. But I know not all dog whistles are created equal. This one I really couldn’t hear it, but I’ve heard some that I can actually hear and ouch ouch ouch! Maybe I should call the other school, and ask them about whistles, and take a big gulp and ask if they even know where Babs is or how she’s doing. She appears in my head, insistantly. Part of me really needs to know.

I have discovered that I’m doomed. Advertising has invaded my brain. The other day, we had the oldies radio station on, and on came “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” And before I made any conscious thought, I thought “What? It’s not back to school time!” Then I realized how ridiculous that was. The commercial for Staples that uses that song and advertises back to school supplies had taken a more prominent place in my head than the actual song. Oh dear dear.

The other day I had said that Harley wasn’t doing well, and wished that she would go before they had to take her in. Well, as I said in the comments, I got my wish. When mom and dad woke up, old Harl was laying there, just as if she was sleeping, looking very peaceful. Good, the poor thing didn’t have to go through some last moments of panic. That would have been no good at all.

I thought I’d mention two more things about Echo that I’ve noticed. First, if a sub-thread within a comment thread gets big enough, it gets collapsed in on itself, so the first couple things are shown and then the last thing is shown. There are a set of words that say x number more, click to expand. That text is clickable, even though it doesn’t look like it. So screenreader folks, you have to click that to see the rest of the thread. But if you subscribe to the threads by email, you won’t even have to deal with that. I’m amazed at how much bigger the threads get because I don’t have to go check on them. I just reply to an email. Then I look and…holy crap! That’s a lot of comments!

On the good news front, I’m seeing more and more often that when I get emails from Echo, the link doesn’t just go to the main page or something, it actually goes to the comment thread where the new comment can be found. You guys rock. Keep leaving the competition in the volcanic dust as Ro put it.

Speaking of Ro, she has news. She had her home interview, and it went well! I knew it I knew it I knew it. Now we just wait until I win the pool…er…she gets her class date.

I got some stuff for Trixie’s raisers! It wasn’t as cool as I had hoped, but I hope they enjoy it. Next year, I will get something that’s a little more filled with Trixie-related pictures or something. But at least this year, they did get to see her in person, so I guess that makes up for it.

Here’s a note to Wine Country Gift Baskets. You really should have a contact phone number on the site. Your site is a bit screenreader-unfriendly, and I didn’t feel like dealing with it. So I thought I’d call you, but searching for the words “telephone” or “contact us” didn’t give me anything. The only time I could find any reference to contact was on the order page where your site asked for my contact info. So, I broke down and ordered your basket from Amazon, and everybody knows how much Amazon pisses me off. Really, you should have a phone number. You don’t know how many people you may be losing who don’t feel comfortable giving their info over the net, or maybe want to ask a question about something.

But you know what getting Trixie’s raisers a gift means? I’m all done! I’m just waiting for a few things to come in the mail, but everything is bought!

And I’m also all done with this post. But don’t worry, you’ll be seeing more of me later today. Or maybe you should worry, if you’re sick of my ramblings.

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