News About the Roundabout

Remember back when I last mentioned the blasted roundabout? Well, it’s not gonna happen! I’m so happy, I could dance. Hell, I could do the roundabout death dance!

Before I say anything else, I want to fix the reporter’s mistake. There was no support worker. The person who walked through the roundabout with me was Leanne Warren, administrator of Disability Services for the city. It was partly my fault, I didn’t make clear who I was talking about. But I did glance in her direction, if she was where I thought she was, that is, and I thought everyone would know who she was. Well, you know what they say about assuming…when will I ever learn? I already emailed the reporter about it. I hope he makes the correction. And I guess Trixie did pull me into the road, but what she did was walk straight through the intersection, treating it as a normal intersection. She wasn’t worried about those pesky splitter islands and such. Ok, now I can get on with what I wanted to say.

I went and spoke at that meeting, as the article says, and god I was nervous. I knew what I wanted to say, but would I say everything? Then the mic started feeding back and I got really nervous. But I guess I got it together. I was so happy when I mentioned how I can’t judge traffic because I don’t hear the same gaps as you see, and then add in hybrid cars and I’m in a whole heap of trouble, and I heard an audible gasp. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Another guy presented stuff about folks with low vision and other disabilities and the trouble they’d have with crossing it, and then the director of a funeral home that is right at the corner where it was going to go got up and talked about how it would mess with them bigtime. I really thought he did a great job.

Afterwards, one of the councilors shook my hand and thanked me for speaking up, and for emailing her. I had emailed her before and explained why this roundabout was a bad idea at least for the blink population. She told me if I had other concerns, I knew how to find her. Good. I have someone who would probably at least listen to me if I had something else on my mind to do with the city.

I guess people heard us, and that corner isn’t going to be turned into a roundabout! Yea! Things do work out sometimes when you speak up! Some people told me it would all be useless, it was going in because people wanted to put it in. I kept saying it would for sure go in if nobody spoke up. I guess I was right.

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