Please Return To The Cash Register. Apparently You Are An Asshole

There was another crime committed in this story along with the main one of this dick of a doctor and his wife shoplifting for the thrill of it. They didn’t publish their names! They should have, just so his patients can know their doctor is a totally worthless, unscrupulous dickbag.

The not so good doctor and his wife took turns being a lookout while the other went around the store shoving stuff into other store bags, purses, and the stroller that had their two kids in it. So not only are they shitty human beings, they’re raising two other human beings who could turn out just as shitty as they are. Just dandy. When they were arrested, they said they had more than enough money to pay for the stuff, they just felt like seeing what they could get away with. I’m glad they got caught.

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