Derek Edwards, Round 3

So last night I got my birthday present from Carin. We went out to see Derek Edwards and then for dinner at one of our favourite pubs. A fine time was most definitely had by all…even if I did have to look like a goof walking a round town using a cane that was way too short.

Stupid me did something I never do and left my cane in somebody’s car. Thankfully it’s winter (never thought I would say those words) which means it’s the time of year when I try to limit the walking around in snow and cold because it’s snow and cold and because the stuff I take to keep my headaches in check has the strange side effect of making the slightest cold wind go right through me like I’m exploring the Arctic, but it’s still a mighty pain in the arse just knowing I did something that dumb. So as punishment I’m using Carin’s cane until I get mine back, which should be very soon. Luckily most of the heavy traveling last night was done by cab and the nice lady from the River Run who went above and beyond and offered us a ride from the show to the restaurant so it wasn’t that bad, but I felt like a dork tooling around with something that’s like a foot shorter than it should be.

The show was great as Derek Edwards shows always are. This is my third time seeing him live and I would definitely go back again. I’m not sure Carin had as much fun as usual because there was quite a bit of repetition of things we’d seen before, but when it takes 3 live shows and countless TV and radio appearances for that to be a problem the guy is definitely doing something right. I don’t mind hearing the old jokes again because his delivery is so great and because it’s fun to watch folks who haven’t heard them before react to them, but I can understand why people might not feel the same way. When I watch comedy I’m paying almost as much attention to how the joke is told as I am to the joke itself, so it’s probably easier for me to get enjoyment out of older things than it is for others. I kind of look at radio and TV broadcasters in the same way. When I’m listening to the news I’m focussed pretty well equally on what’s being said and how, and a good delivery makes all the difference in the world.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody who might be going to a show, but there are some great new bits in there about Niagara Falls and one about buying Christmas presents at the drugstore that I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard before. Speaking of the drugstore, when he hit the part about asking for help to find things I almost cried. I was also happy to see that he’s still doing the classic come to the experts laser eye surgery thing. I’ve heard that one a billion times and I still laugh at it almost like it was the first.

The pub was also great as usual, but I’m kicking myself for wasting an opportunity. Sitting not far from us was a group of guys who work at theF&M Brewery,the place that makes StoneHammer, which is one of my top 3 favourite beers. I said to Carin that I should go over and get an autograph and thank them for all of the joy their hard work has brought to the lives of so many. Our waitress seemed to think this was a great idea. She pretty much cracked up and started telling people around us what I said. I was trying to be funny, but I didn’t think I would kill that much with that kind of material. And yes, that joke sounded way better than it does written out. See? It’s all in the delivery. In the end I pussed out and went home without the autographed pint glass I was going to try for, but hopefully there will be a next time.

Thanks to Carin for an awesome night, and also to anybody who actually made it through this whole pointless post. There may be more of them to come if I decide to talk about the insanity that is going to be birthday and Christmas celebrations…including a birthday present that I would have gotten a week ago had it been able to fit in the car. I have no idea what in hell it could possibly be, but I think I’ll find out tomorrow.

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