You’re A Drunk One, Mr. Grinchlet

While this story makes me very sad because of its circumstances, the image of a 4-year-old boy in a brown dress drinking a beer and stealing Christmas presents from neighbours can’t help make me cackle and howl.

The poor little guy is messed up something fierce. His dad’s in jail, his mom is getting a divorce from dear old dad, and the little guy thinks if he gets in enough trouble, they’ll put him in jail with his dad.

One thing I do know is if we can just harness his determination, we can use it to move mountains. He broke a safety device on the door to keep him and the other kidlets in, got into a cooler, opened one of those tab-type beers, and snuck into multiple neighbours’ houses.

I wish April Wright, his mom, all the luck in the world. It sounds like the kid has got a lot of problems. I hope she can find people who can help her son stop trying to be his dad, who doesn’t sound like a good person to be. I’m glad CPS didn’t take him away from her

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