Thoughts Knocking Around In My Head

I have more random thoughts. I must be in a thoughtful mood since I’m here all alone. Maybe it keeps me from talking to myself if I write on the blog. Na, I’d probably talk to myself anyway, and hey, if I’m talking, I could be talking to the Trixter.

What I did find myself doing yesterday was singing, and of all things, Tom Lehrer’s Christmas Carol. It just came to me out of the blue. I can’t help but be amazed at how much of a genius this guy is. He wrote that in the 50’s, and it couldn’t be more true today, sometimes I think it’s even more accurate today. As far as I know, Tom Lehrer is still with us. Let’s make sure he didn’t get swept off the planet in the great herd-thinning of 2009. Wikipedia says he’s still alive, so let’s hope they’re right. Phew! I don’t have to make a so long for him! Let’s hope he’s still as bright as he ever was. It would be ashame if he’s now wasting away with Alzheimer’s or something.

Last night, I had it reaffirmed that time is going too fast. Huppy’s mom invited me over to their place for dinner. After we finished eating, we were watching some special features on a Star Trek season DVD that they had, and they had an interview with James Doohan, ya know, Scotty. I was trying to remember when he died, and they said it was 2005. I refused to believe them, so looked it up, and my god, it was that long ago! That couldn’t be possible, but it is. I can’t believe I don’t remember that. I mean, he died two days before they came to get Babs. You’d think those two events would be etched in my memory together, but they’re not.

And in my attempt to find out when Scotty got beamed up to the great beyond, I found Dead or Alive, a site dedicated mainly to knowing if a given celebrity is dead or alive. You can waste some serious time going through this thing. You can also get scared when you see they’re tracking people who are my parents’ ages and younger, and they say they only track people after they reach a certain age or if they’re sick.

The huppy really wants to crawl, or move, or scoot, or do something. I know, before I know it, he’ll be on the move and causing trouble. That must have been why I had the dream I did the other night. I dreamed he was laying there babbling and gurgling and kicking his feet, and then suddenly he was up, on his feet, and running around. Then he fell down and instead of crying, he said perfectly clearly, “Ow! I hurt my arm!” We were all amazed in the dream, and none of us were able to say a word. What a silly dream.

Two more little tips about Echo. If you do reply via email, and you have your email program set to add people to your address book who you reply to, you may want to go through your address book every now and then and clean it out of Js-Kit addresses, because every comment thread you reply to has its own email address.

And this is also why the poor things get flagged as spam. Each address is long, and hairy, and full of numbers and letters, and they look like the spammiest spam ya ever did see to a spam filter. So we may be training the poor spam filters for a while.

I had something reinforced the other day that I already knew. If you have to use the bus to get around, for pete’s sake, don’t forget anything anywhere along your route. If you do, and you have to finish everything by bus, you will significantly lengthen your time doing everything.

The other day I decided to go get Trixie’s weight checked, and I found something last minute that I needed for Christmas. I had ordered it before, but it was backordered, and it was looking like it wouldn’t make it. So I found it in town. It wasn’t there when I looked before, but I decided to check again, and well look at what I found!

Anyway I set off. But what I didn’t realize was I didn’t have my bank card with me. I expected it to be in my coat pocket, but had just moved it the night before. I realized this just when I got to the store. Now that’s an embarrassing moment. You feel like such a tool. You walk in a store and just realize that you forgot your bank card and you have no money on you. You’re sure the people in the store think you’re crazy for walking in there with nothing to buy anything with.

I finally decided I would have to bus back downtown to the bank, convince them I am who I say I am, and get some money out that way. So…I had to wait for the bus to take me downtown. I just happened to miss a bus, so I had to wait 20 minutes. I got downtown, got the money, and ran another errand downtown…and happened to miss the next rotation of buses, so had to wait again. Then I had to go back out there, buy what I came for, and then wait for the bus…which I just missed, and then transfer to another bus that would get me home. This tacked on at least an hour and a half of simply twiddling my thumbs waiting for buses and riding them. Ridiculous!

I know inefficiency is the nature of the beast when you’re dealing with public transit, but…good god! I was praying that someone I knew would randomly appear, complete with car, and help me out. But I think because life wanted to teach me a lesson, nobody did, and I had to do this all by bus. Did I mention that Thursday was freezing? Let’s just say I’ll be obsessively making sure I have my bank card with me every time I’m going somewhere else, which means I’ll forget something else I need.

And speaking of forgetting things, I could have sworn I had something else I had to say, but I can’t remember what it would be. Oh well, when I remember, at least I don’t have to catch a bus to put it up.

So I think that’s about it for now. Everybody stay warm and cosy, especially those of you who are being hammered by snow down in the states. You can also keep the snow where you are. I don’t need it to stop me from getting home for Christmas.

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