Warning Shot Through The Head

You’re riding along in your car, and you see a guy biking on a busy road with his kid in a child’s seat. This concerns you and you decide to approach the man. If you’re Charles Diez, you shoot the man driving the bike in the head! Luckily, the guy was wearing a bike helmet, and the bullet didn’t hit his actual head.

What kind of fucked up stupid logic is that? You think the guy is endangering his kid. This enrages you so much that…you decide to endanger the kid for sure? If the bullet had hit the guy, it would have severely injured or killed him. This could have caused the bike to fall over, injuring the kid from the fall, and then from the traffic on the busy road that might not be able to stop. Maybe some bullet fragments would hit the kid. If the man dies, the kid is now without a dad.

What makes this even worse is this guy is, mor like was, a firefighter! This guy’s job is all about saving people, and there he is out killing one.

And here’s some stupid justice for you. He only got four months! Ok then.

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