We Wish Them A Card-Free Christmas

Here we go again. Am I going to have to make a tag for these folks?

We have another little boy who someone has decided needs cards, and cards, and cards, and cards…

Meet Jacob Hadcock. He has cancer, but he is by no means dying. In fact his parents don’t want anymore cards.

The loads of mail — more than 25,000 cards — are overwhelming the Hadcock family. While the family appreciates the support for Jacob, they do not wish to receive any more cards. “The cards are a wonderful thing, but we would rather everyone keep Jacob in their thoughts and prayers,” Amie Hadcock said.

I could see this turning into a really evil thing someone could do to someone who has pissed them off. Send out an email saying someone at that house is dying, so send cards to…and list the address. I hope that doesn’t become the trend.

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