A Few Notes From The Trip, Including What The Presents Were

My Brother Steven Is Retarded
I hope that’s a good picture, I had to go online to find one since nobody’s around to take one for me right now and I don’t trust myself to get one with the whole cover visible.

Anyway, what I hope you’re looking at is the cover of the book my brother got me for my birthday. And when I say got, what I actually mean is found in a garbage can while helping out with a recycling drive. It sure is nice to know that I’m loved and thought highly of I’ll tell you that right now. Seriously though, great find Brad, great find.

The trip home has been good so far. We didn’t end up going anywhere to celebrate on Saturday like we had planned since mom has been fighting something and wasn’t really feeling up to it, but we stayed around here and had a good time just the same. The good time was helped along substantially by the bottle of Canadian Club that was the other part of my present from the same bastard the book came from and a little game we played with it. for those of you who remember thefunctiongame,it shouldn’t be much of a mystery what that game involved. Just substitute the word function for the words retard and retarded and you’ve got it figured out. I believe the final tally was 19 according to mom the official scorekeeper, and I think only 2 out of the 4 of us actually made it all the way to the end.

While I’m on the subject of presents, I got theone that wouldn’t fit in the caron Friday. My guesses were wrong, but that’s totally fine. Carin and I now have a brand new freezer that fits perfectly near our kitchen. We’ve wanted one for years, but our old place had the shittiest electrical set-up possibly in history, and even though we’ve been in the new place for more than 3 years we’ve just never gotten around to getting one. Now we don’t have to worry about it, all we have to do is fill it up which is the fun part. It’ll be nice to be able to take true advantage of good sales and not have to think about buying only what we think will fit in the freezer in the top of the fridge or what we know we’re going to use right away. Maybe when I get home I’ll take a blind guy picture of it, because I need more things to take blind guy pictures of.

Things have been busy here but there’s really not much else that needs writing down. I saw some other family on Sunday, went to the eye doctor for the first time in like 10 years yesterday and other than that have just been generally having fun spending time with everybody. the true nuttiness starts on Thursday and won’t really stop until at least next Monday when I’m back in my own place. Even then there’s still me and Carin Christmas and I’m pretty sure we still have to exchange gifts with some other friends from the building so there’s a ways to go before everything can work on getting back to normal.

I’ll post more when I can, whenever that is. Until then, merry Christmas once again and if you haven’t heard the latest batch of singing screenreaders,they’re here.Feel free to share and enjoy.

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