A Little Further In The Journey to New Phone Land

Well, I’m one step closer to having my Nokia N86! I’m such a silly. Every day this month, I’ve been thinking I should order the phone, I should order the phone. But you’ve heard all too often about my fears of making a bad technology decision. Yesterday, after a lot of hesitation, I picked up […]

Can They Train A Dog To Help People With Conscience Damage?

This just makes me angry. I saw this a couple of days ago, but I was either running out the door or too tired to try and post about it. This whole thing started when a Hamilton woman wanted to find a trainer to train her family dog to perform some kind of tasks for […]

I Think She’s Missing A Lobe

Maybe Christine Yvette Lobe should run off with Joshua Alger. They should just put their kids in more capable hands, and not make any more. It takes a special kind of person to leave her toddler at home alone, and wheel her one-year-old into a bar in a stroller, after already getting drunk. Thankfully the […]

Badda, Ba, Ba, Ba, I’m Passin’ Out

What a dad Joshua Alger is. He passed out drunk in a McDonald’s children’s play area at 4 in the goddamn afternoon while his kids played. We don’t know how pop and the little ones got there. Then, when police found out he has a warrant for his arrest and called mommy dearest to pick […]