The Councilors Are Full Of Air, Just Like Balloons

Here we go again with the UK. I was going to say that it didn’t take me long to find some UK silliness this year, but this is a story from November. I’m just seeing it now.

A business somewhere in the UK, wherever Solihull is, decided to tie balloons outside their store to draw customers. Now, council has decided that balloons are a hazard. I could understand if they were just blowing around randomly, but they’re tied to boards and posts. But that doesn’t matter to council. They have decided that the balloons are a hazard because they may distract drivers or cause a kid to chase one into traffic.

Come on. If a balloon is that distracting, the driver getting distracted is probably bad, and would be distracted by birds. Plus, kids small enough to think that chasing a balloon into traffic is a good idea are probably supervised, and if they’re not, that’s the fault of their parents, not some store who chose to put balloons up.

The poor UK. This problem of being too safe is, well, ballooning out of control.

And aside to the folks who wrote this story: What’s with the alt tag on the picture? It seriously reads “some balloons yesterday.” Are they not balloons today? Why would you choose to tag it that way?

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