The Biggest News Of The Holidays

Holy crap, I am a giant idiot! This was supposed to get in my holiday post under the I’m not supposed to ever leave because stuff happens while I’m gone files. Shame on me for forgetting! Smack smack smack!

I come back from holidays, and Steve keeps mentioning that I have one important email. I’m going ooo, what could this be? But Steve won’t tell me. I’m diggin’ through my inbox and my spam, and he’s watching me. He keeps saying sorry that it seems I’m hanging around, but I want to see you get this important email.

I get to it, and it’s from Ro. The subject line sounds scary. it’s something like “Read this before you read any messages from the dog list, or posts from my blog.” My heart leaps into my throat and my mind is having a war with itself. Half of it is convinced something catastrophic has happened, and half is celebrating because it’s sure the news is awesome, and it also wonders if it’s won part of the guide dog guessing game we were playing on her blog.

The email tells me I must read this post first. So I open it, praying the celebrating half of my mind is right. The title is “no phone call for Christmas.” My heart begins to settle down. No big deal, it says. Of course there wasn’t a phone call by Christmas, I wasn’t really thinking she’d get one before the new year. But it keeps doing little hickups of being perplexed because why would she tell me to read this if nothing had happened?

Then I read the line that says she didn’t get a phone call, she got an email, and she has a class date…and…well, shrieks and screeches of joy came out of me.

So the small good news is I tied with a few people and guessed the right date, but the bigger news is Ro is San Rafael-bound on February 15! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yee woo yee woo! Let’s all celebrate with her, and wish her well on her journey to poochland.

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