Take Charge, Take Care, Give Me A Break

I totally understand safe injection sites and needle-exchanges. It’s sad, but at least there’s a chance the people who have a drug addiction won’t end up with HIV and Hepatitis C on top of it. But a how-to pamphlet on heroin injection? That’s a little insane. It actually would make it easier for someone thinking about doing heroin to try it. I mean, they have an instruction manual.

What’s even more insane is the city of New York wrote and produced it, to the tune of $32000. Sure, it mentions getting help, kicking the habit and some resources, but there’s a big section on how to shoot up.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the city didn’t put their name on it anywhere. They did, however, stick the name of a local nonprofit help line on the thing. They didn’t seem to say the nonprofit made it, but people could imply that they did since that was the only contact info given. Way to shift all the anger and blame their way.

Steve can’t help but be surprised that this little book wasn’t made by the UK. I see his point.

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