There’s Always Room For J E L L Y…Fish

There’s really not a whole lot to this story. Keith Edward Marriottwas just out having some fun, provided fun is getting hammered, repeatedly pretending to drown and throwing jellyfish on teenagers. You know, just a regular day at the office.

The main reason I’m posting this is because I have a couple questions.

1. when did it become a crime to carry a pocket knife in your pocket? I know the guy was being disorderly, but surely there’s a better way to bring him in than a concealed weapon charge. Wouldn’t assault have done the trick?


Keith Edward Marriott, of 100 154th Ave. in Madeira Beach, faces charges of disorderly intoxication and carrying a concealed weapon after a pocketknife was found in his shorts, Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies said. Marriott repeatedly submerged himself and floated to the surface, “causing concern for his safety,” and was “loud and disruptive,” according to a sheriff’s report.

Then he started throwing sea creatures.

What’s funnier, “then he started throwing sea creatures” orbeing observed “in a physical confrontation with shrubs” and “punching vegetation”?I, for one, cannot make up my mind.

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