Couldn’t He Have Just Gotten A Divorce?

If Dennis Allaben ever gets out of jail, I’d recommend that noone get close to him romantically. For no reason that anyone can think of, he killed his wife.

Everybody who knew the couple said they were having no problems, and they’d just adopted a dog, so noone could see anything that could be a warning sign. Then, he killed her, leaving no signs of foul play at the house, and drove around with his kids, and presumably his wife’s body, in his truck. Then he got to his relatives’ home, dropped off the kids and said “I’m dropping them off because I killed my wife,” as if that was normal. Then he drove off, and two days later, showed up at the police station to report his wife’s murder and show them the body.

What the hell? All we can say for sure is he’s one scary man.

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