Trixie Wants To Have A Word Or Six.

Trixie Speaks.
Ha ha, I have the keyboard. I have the keyboard I have the keyboard. Hmmm I wonder if I can get this done in time for kibble. It’s almost time to eat that yummy kibble kibble kibble stuff.

Speaking of kibble, I’ve noticed I get a bit less kibble than I used to. Carin said I put on a couple of pounds. And what’s wrong with that? I really don’t see what the problem is. At least I get more kibble than I did for a while there when she was really worried that I was putting on weight. I didn’t put on that much weight, but she freaked right out. Hmmm. Carin, have you got weight issues?

But you know, two can play this game. If I could lose a few pounds, she could lose a few too. We always walk past a place that’s supposed to help people lose weight. Maybe I’ll point out the door a few times, see if she gets the hint.

That huppy really takes forever to learn stuff. He still doesn’t walk like a human, or even walk like a dog! Come on, it’s not hard to walk like a dog, and he can’t even manage that. Sure, he can sort of squirm along, and he can kind of roll and he can put his hands over his face sometimes, and he can grab things with his hands and put them in his mouth, but that’s all he can do. Hmmm. Maybe he just needs a little, what do they call it, motivation? Yeah. He doesn’t seem to like it when I lick him. He covers his face. Maybe if I walk around him and try to lick him in different spots, he’ll learn to move! Come on. When I was his age, I was already walking around with my puppy raisers. Oh yeah, the huppy truck never came. Maybe it’ll come when he can walk?

Now that I think about it, there is something else he can do. He doesn’t just say waaa, eeeee, aaaa-eee-aaa-eee-aaa. He now can say things like ba ba da da bab bab gabagabag. I still don’t know what any of it means, and sometimes, neither do the humans. Do huppies speak another language that only other huppies understand?

Maybe the huppy and I are more alike than I thought. The humans put a blanket down when I was there, and I thought it was for me, so I lay on it. But nooo! That’s for the huppy! I was so confused. I mean, he has that weird open-topped crate. Why does he need a blanket on the floor?

Then we were out in a store, and Carin said she was buying something for the huppy. When she chose the something the huppy was going to get, I thought it was pretty cool. I would play with it if she’d let me. It sort of looked like the same stuff that kongs are made of. I like kongs! And it squeaked! Squeaky kongs? The huppy gets squeaky kongs? Then I saw the huppy get his squeaky thing that looked like a kong, and he chewed on it, and it kind of made noises like my toys do! But I can’t have that squeaky kong. Hmmm. Would I get one if I could make noises like the huppy does?

That’s another thing. I’m starting to wonder if I have another name around the huppy. I’m starting to wonder if my name is do not. All I hear all the time when he’s there is “Do not lick the huppy. Do not lick the huppy in the eye. Do not sleep on the huppy’s bed on the floor. Do not chew the huppy’s chew toy.”

The huppy has weird things that come with him. Now he has a stand-up crate. I think that’s what you’d call it. You put the huppy in it and he can’t get out, and there are things all over it that he can shake and play with. But they don’t look fun to chew on. Hmmm. That’s one thing I never had. That would be weird and no fun.

My doggy clock was right on, and we headed home to that big house that I love so much. There’s so much to see and there are more people to talk to. It’s so much fun.

We went home on this bus thing, and man there were a lot of people on the bus thing. Usually, we have the whole seat to us, but this guy sat beside us. I sniffed his pants. Sniffa sniffa sniff he has dogs! Ok, he’s our friend then.

When we finally got to the house, I started chasing that lady that Carin calls mom around the kitchen. Last time I was here, she had given me that yummy bone! It wasn’t a regular bone. Those are boring. This one smelled like meat. Mmm. meeeeat. I wondered if she had another one. Can I have a bone? Really. I would have fun with a bone. You know I liked that last bone. Sure I got sick, but that was nothing to do with the bone. Nope nope nope. A bone is goood. Getting sick is baaad. Goood cannot cause baaad. But she said she would not give me a bone. Aww. What a killjoy.

Kibble break. I cannot think when I am hungry.

Ok, Burp. That was good. So anyway, After she wouldn’t give me another bone, I started sniffing out the house. Sniffa sniffa sniff. What had changed since I’d been gone. Sniffa sniffa sniff. Sniffa sniffa. Something was different. Sniffa sniffa. That cat wasn’t there. I could smell that she’d been there not long ago, but she wasn’t there anymore. Sniffa sniffa. Maybe she was hiding under this bed? Sniffa sniff. Nope. How about this one? Sniffa sniffa sniff. Hmmm. She doesn’t seem to be anywhere! Where did she go? It’s too cold to hide under the deck outside like that other time I scared her. They keep saying it’s weird without her around. So they know she’s gone too…and they’re not looking for her? Not when the weather knob is turned as low as it is? Mean people, mean mean people! It’s a good thing I know where the door is and I’m always out with Carin. If we got lost, they would come looking for us! At least I hope so!

Like we always do this time of year, we went over to that other house that, come to think of it, used to have a cat and then that cat wasn’t around anymore. Hmmm! Anyway, we were there, and I got some love from them, which I always like. That’s the house where that guy sometimes brings Luther, and that other dog. What’s his name. Lars? Yeah, Lars. But he didn’t come. But I found one of those boring bones just laying on the floor, and it smelled like Lars! Oh, it smells like Lars? Then it’s not boring at all! Give it here, give it here now! Om nom nom! I like this bone! It’s good to chew! I wonder if you can buy bones that smell like another dog has chewed on them? Nope. You can’t fool us dogs that easily.

I think that’s about it. Nothing else is new. The weather knob is down in the c c c c cold area, but I’ve come to accept that as what happens around this time in my doggy clock. We don’t go as far, but oh well. I wouldn’t want to walk that far anyway in this stuff. Bring on the warmer stuff! Maybe then I’ll have more to say.

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