She’s Going To Have A Few More Bad Days…

Well, it looks like they found the McDonald’s-smasher-upper, and she has a name, that being Alesha McMullen.

She’s quite the woman. She smashed up the restaurant because she had a bad day, and when they found her, she was hiding in a closet. And she’s 19? That sounds like the behaviour of a little kid.

I love how they have to say “alleged” even though she’s right there on video doing the smashing. I’m not sure if the video autoplays or not. The video player is set up as transparent so JAWS can’t find it, and looking at the source code, I can’t find the play button. Can someone with eyeballs tell me if you have to start the video or not? And, if you do have to start it, is there sound? If there is, please let me in on how to get the video to play. I wanna hear the chaos for myself!

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