Bulletproof, and Idiotproof glass.

It’s time for some theme music to set the scene.

Travis Copeland was in court on some felony charges. I guess he just didn’t want to be there anymore, so got up and bolted out of the courtroom and down the skyway. He was run run runnin’ along, when he noticed that deputies were coming at him from all angles. Being desperate and really wanting to get the hell out of there, he did the only thing he could do, shoulder block a window…except it didn’t break. Please, someone describe what the video looks like when he runs, smacks the window and bounces off. I’m sure there’s some beautiful pictures in there.

I guess after giving himself a considerable headache, he thought the only thing he could do was lay down and wait for the deputies to come and drag him back into court, which is exactly what they did. Good choice, dude.

Well, he’s certainly not getting out on bail now. They raised it to 1.5 million because of his little escape-attempt.

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