A Cadillac On A Mission

This is a pretty cool story. Cadillac was a GDB puppy, but they decided that he just wouldn’t make it as a guide dog. So he became a search and rescue dog, and now he’s headed for Haiti to put his rescue skills to definite use. Good luck to him and his handler.

Years ago, I made fun of the term “career change dog” because from what I knew, their new career was always pet. Now this, this is what I call a career change.

I cannot even begin to process the magnitude of that earthquake. It’s just too big for my brain. And that country was already in rough shape. I think of that story about people eating dirt just to feel full because there wasn’t enough food. And now this.

I had a French professor who was from somewhere near the Caribbean. Now I hear that he was from Haiti, and he can’t reach his family. I think of everyone who has family and friends over there. I hope they get answers soon.

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