Who Knew An Innocent Picture Could Bring So Much Guilt?

What the hell is wrong with people?

Billy Miller was serving in Afghanistan. His mom decided to send him some photos from home to lighten his mood. Among them were pictures of a little girl swimming and posing near his truck. In one of them, part of her butt was shown from her bathing suit. They were just harmless pictures, pictures that are on the family’s Facebook page. But now the military has launched a child porn investigation into him, and they aren’t telling the family much of anything.

What the hell? Why? Everybody has pictures of little kids in the bathtub and stuff like that. They were sent by his mom for crying out loud. Has nobody got any sense?

Now the rest of his unit has gone home, and he’s being kept there until they can court martial him. There has to be more to this story somewhere.

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