Adam Growe Was Fun, But I Didn’t Win Any Money

On Saturday, Steve, the shoe thief, another friend and I went to see Adam Growe, the guy who is the host of the Canadian version of Cash Cab. He was atthe River Run Centre. The way it was described sounded super weird. He was going to do a little one-man play, and then some kind of quiz show where audience members could win money. I really wanted to get up there so I could meet Adam, tell him I loved Cash Cab, hopefully without looking like a total and complete dork, and let him meet my non-working working dog. Steve had bought my ticket as an early birthday present, and it was a late birthday present for the shoe thief. It was a pretty good time.

In the first part of the show, he did a sort of monolog where he pretends to be the husband of a teacher of a prenatal class who is running a little late. All he’s supposed to do is stall for time for a bit until she can get there and teach the class…but she never makes it…so he tries to teach the class, from his perspective of course. As I was sitting there, I wished Huppy’s parents could have come. I thought they would have enjoyed this.

Then there was an intermission, and the real fun began. It was quiz show/stand-up comedy time. I was wondering how I would manage to get down there and to the stage if I could get on, and whether it would be utter chaos, or what. Steve said the shoe thief and I had to try and get on since it was our birthday present.

Well, how he did it was he asked a qualifying question, and whoever he saw answering would get picked. 3 couples got picked, and I tried twice, but I guess I’m just too wee small. Oh well, it was fun to watch.

The first couple was pretty calm and pretty shy. The funniest part was when Adam asked if they were a couple, and the woman emphatically said “No!” Ok then, I guess the guy’s been told. They didn’t do too shabbily, they ended up getting 120 bucks.

Then the next couple, oh my my my. Well, it wasn’t so much the couple, as the crazy woman! I don’t think anyone in the audience will forget Eva, and probably, neither will poor Adam. That woman didn’t need a mic. When she wanted to be heard, the whole place heard her. And she didn’t mind speaking her mind either. At one point, they had won $80, and he said he would double it if they got the next question right, but she thought he was doubling their money from $40, and she loudly said “But that last couple got $120!” Then when she figured out they could get more, she loudly said “Oh! We’re getting more!” I had to wonder if she hit the booze before the show, but Steve thinks that’s the way she is sober. I wish her husband luck…her husband who doesn’t even know how many years they’ve been married. Then again, neither does she! What did they finally settle on? 29 years?

The last couple was much more subdued than Eva, but they were still funny. Adam had made a Maple Leaf Foods joke, and then found out the woman worked for them. The husband had this subtle way of making things funny. They didn’t do so well, they only left with 10 bucks, but oh well. I really really reeeally tried to get picked for that one, but no such luck.

I killed myself laughing when Adam was talking about Guelph and said something like “You guys need your liquor to do your crazy Guelph things like tackle Olympic torchbearers…” I laughed, but wanted to hang my head.

It was a good night, a good night that ended with some food and drinks at the place where we always go after these things. Oh, to the Dude who was singing in the other room of the bar, stick to singing Neil Young songs, and stay away from singing “The Weight,” or at least learn the damn words so you’re not singing every second line.

Trix was so tired after the night that she came home and fell into her little bed. I think fun was had by all. Thanks for the early birthday present.

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