Sleep-Talkin’ Audio

Speaking of active minds, Sleep-Talkin’ Adam now has audio. But they’re embedded in such a way that JAWS can’t see them…so I’m just going to pull them out of the source code and link ’em. Don’t keep me from what I want! I know they didn’t know, but still. I’m stubborn as a bull!

So here they are. Don’t leave the duck there! Too many whiskers! Where are my potato bags? Badger-tickling: proceed with caution.

Some have wondered if he’s really talking in his sleep. It sure sounds like it. Especially the duck one. I’ve heard people get all insistant, and then fade away. Steve has said even I do that.

I don’t know if they plan to put more up, but if they do, I’ll snag ’em. Does anyone know why these embedded things are invisible to JAWS? It’s not a flash movie where wmode is set to transparent or opaque, it’s just a straight embed tag…hmmm…maybe that’s the problem? Whenever I embedded a sound file, you couldn’t see a link to it. But how are they making it so you can click the words? Or maybe they’re not. Hmmm. A puzzler!

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