Horko Bell

Well, I’m late on this one, but better late than never.

Warren E. Strickland sounds like one of those annoying customers who thinks he’s super important and likes to throw his weight around. He ordered some tacos, they weren’t right, so he made them make new ones, then he said he saw spit in one of them, so he came inside and threw the spit-laiden taco at the manager. Then he said he wished he hadn’t thrown it at her because that destroyed the evidence, and if he hadn’t thrown it at her, he could have gotten the place shut down. Oh god, one of these.

I think the funniest part was when they said he couldn’t go to any Taco Bell during his probation, and he actually asked permission to go to another Taco Bell because he was treated well there…after he’d called in a consumer complaint. Dude, if you’ve had such bad service that you’ve felt like calling in a complaint, why would you plead to go there? Do you love Taco Bell that much?

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