It’s A Cruise To Remember Alright

This is so sick. Haiti is in the midst of dealing with a horrible earthquake. Masses of people are dead and the survivors are starving. Many more children are orphaned. But cruise ships are still docking nearby so people can have a barbecue and drink some cocktails. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has a private beach with a 12-foot fense where people can sun themselves, drink, buy trinkets and do watersports…and eat food. Yes, they can eat like kings, while people on the other side are starving.

Oh but the cruise ships are bringing food aid, and the proceeds, all of them, will go to the relief effort, so says the cruise line. Why don’t I trust them? If that’s the case, Why not just bring the aid and a big ass donation then? Why bring people to effectively say “Nana nana booboo, I have money and you’re destitute.”

Apparently a third of the people don’t even want to get off the ship because they’re sickened by the whole prospect. I don’t blame them.

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