Maybe It Was Motivational For Somebody…

Wow. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at this so-called motivational speech.

Shirley Price, a board trustee, was invited in to do a little pep talk to girls ranging from sixth to eighth grades. She was born with some kind of disability that was not specified, but still got a doctoral degree and had a seat on the school board. Sounds good, right? Well, she decided to do a totally different talk, one that included graphic descriptions of how to perform oral and anal sex!

Whaaat? She first asked the school principal to leave, and then started talking. Apparently she’d heard that girls were having sex on campus, so I guess she thought she’d tell them how, and even included some curse words in there. Even though there were a whole bunch of teachers there, none of them stopped the talk, or tried to guide it back to safe ground. Then the kids were told to keep the speech secret, something that didn’t work too well, as evidenced by the flood of calls received by the school board on the subject of said speech.

Why the hell would anyone think that talking about how to do anal was appropriate subject matter for girls in middleschool? I mean, I’m all for sex ed, but this is just nuts. And even if there were no protocols in place for stopping a talk, why didn’t someone just decide that it was inappropriate and act? I’m pretty sure if someone got up in front of us when I was in grade 6 and started talking like that, a teacher would have said something.

Now, they have made it so the principal can’t leave the room, and teachers have been “given more leeway” to stop a presentation they don’t think is appropriate. What do you want to bet the pendulum will swing the other way now?

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