Coconut Crack

When I first heard the story of cops mistaking coconut candy for crack, I felt sorry for the two guys who got arrested. But there’s something about these guys that doesn’t make them sympathetic characters. It still doesn’t make it right that they got arrested, though.

The story is that Cesar Rodriguez and Jose Pena were sitting in their work van eating this coconut candy. It comes in a rod, but the one guy had broken it up into pieces and had it in a baggy.

For some reason that was never explained, cops wanted to search their van. Of course, they found the baggy and thought it was crack. The guys said no, it was coconut candy. The cops didn’t believe them, nor did they do a field test. They just arrested the guys.

Two days later, at their arraignment, Pena could get out. But because Rodriguez had a prior armed robbery conviction, his bail was set higher. He couldn’t get out until they did tests on the substance, and discovered that it was, in fact, coconut candy. All charges were dropped, but the guys are still suing.

You know what? I’d probably sue too. They could have tested the stuff right there and known if it was crack. But I thought what Pena said was hilarious.

This all could have been avoided if they believed us and tasted the candy.

Yeah, because police routinely swallow suspected crack because the other person says it’s candy. That’s gonna work out real well.

It’s terrible, but as soon as they said Rodriguez had an armed robbery conviction, I didn’t feel too sorry for him, even though he did get falsely arrested. I’m glad all charges were dropped, but I still hope they sue.

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