DVD Confession-Extractor

I just bought a copy of DVD Audio Extractor, a program that lets you take the audio out of a DVD and put it in mp3. It’s a pretty cool, easy to use program. The only thing that’s annoying about it is it’s so demanding on the processor that any audio that comes out of your speakers while it’s ripping audio is made to sound kind of like a robotic, slow-moving sheep. But other than that, it’s pretty cool.

But I got a rather forbidding warning while I was trying to buy it. Just before I hit submit, the site essentially said it would verify that I wasn’t an identity-thieving credit card fraudster. Then, it said the following message:

Please be aware that our servers record the unique IP address that a browser transmits when requesting a page download which can be used by law enforcement officials to identify a person committing credit card fraud, even if that person does not provide his or her real name.

Even though I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I couldn’t help but feel like a criminal. I guess it would be the equivalent of store security randomly appearing saying “You know, if you try and leave the store, anything you haven’t paid for will set off the alarms.” It’s true, but the act of saying it to you makes you feel like they think you’re a shoplifter.

Gees! Have they had that many identity thieves try and buy stuff there?

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