I Might Have More To Say About This If Only I Could Find The Words

I’ve just had one of those for God’s sake, kill me and get it over with moments. Maybe there’s a word to describe that feeling, and since I’m fortunate enough not to be a grade 5 student in California, perhaps I’ll try to look that word up when I’m done here.

The Menifee Union school district has banned the Merriam Webster’s 10th edition dictionary from it’s 4th and 5th grade classrooms because somebody’s kid found the definition for oral sex in there and well,we just can’t have our children being exposed to that kind of thing.

The dictionary’s online definition of the term is “oral stimulation of the genitals”. “It’s hard to sit and read the dictionary, but we’ll be looking to find other things of a graphic nature,” district spokeswoman Betti Cadmus told the paper.

I’ve got news for district spokeswoman Betti Cadmus. If you keep this up, it’s going to be hard for anybody to sit and read anything.

the district is now debating whether or not it should make the temporary ban permanent, which I’m guessing they will once somebody there figures out that the word dictionary almost has the word dick in it. And once they have that epiphany, what happens then? If we can talk about it at all, are we going to have to start calling it the unmentionablestionary? The nether regionstionary? Or how about the if you keep playing with that damn book of yours you’re going to go blindtionary?

Seriously, where does all of this thinking of the children stop? There has to be a line, and I think somehow our society managed to blow right across it years ago. If you do too much thinking of the children, eventually they aren’t going to be able to think for themselves. It’s already happening, and I’m sure you’d see it if you ever bother to pull your head out and take a look at the hell you’re putting them through.

Let me ask you a question. Can you honestly say that you’re looking forward to our current crop of school kids taking care of you when you get old? I sure as shit ain’t, and it’s because of things exactly like this. We spend so much time trying to shelter kids from every possible kind of maybe a little bit not good thing that might just perhaps happen to them at some point before mom is ready for it that we’re stripping them of every bit of logic and reason that we’re supposed to be teaching them. They aren’t allowed to run and play because they might get hurt, but somehow they’re not supposed to be fat? How the hell does that make one bit of sense? Can you imagine growing up in a world like that and having to sort it out? Christ, I grew up right at the tail end of the time when thinking for yourself and getting into trouble now and then was still ok and even encouraged, and I don’t get it. The really sad part is that that’s just one example. I could probably go on for hours.

And here’s the other thing that these book banning youngen protectors seem to have forgotten. Children are a curious bunch. They want to know things. They want to know how stuff works, why things are the way they are, and most importantly to the issue at hand, they want to know things you don’t want them to know. The more of a fuss you make over the polite term for BJ being in the naughty partstionary, the more they’re going to want to know what a BJ is. And the more you avoid doing your actual job as a parent/teacher and educating them,the more they’re going to take matters into their own hands so to speak to find out, and there’s no amount of RedTube banning that’s going to untake the mental picture that little Benny is going to have in his head once his new media research session is over.

I sincerely hope that there are still a few Californians left with some backbone who are going to fight this to the end. Subjecting our future to nitwittedness like this is nothing short of a tragedy,and things won’t be right until every Betti Cadmus in the world has no say in the life of any child.

Good luck future, I think you’re gonna need it.

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