The Botfly, The Little Botfly

After I watched this video about a woman with a Botfly larva in her head, I couldn’t get her out of my head. Ug. *shiver* Any sighties out there, does it look bad? It sounds positively ug. This seriously sounds like something from a horror movie. I love how she goes from “Oh my god oh my god!” to “Get the camera, get the camera!”

I think of my great uncle. He had this fascination with Belise, god knows why. I think it was because you don’t have to pay taxes there. I can’t imagine him dealing with having a botfly inside of him.

And now I have this black fly cartoon in my head. Yes, I know, it’s the black fly. Not the botfly. But my brain has done a little change to the words, and now both videos are chasing me.

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