Get A Handel On This Dream

I had a weird dream a couple of nights ago, and I wanted to write it down yesterday, but ran out of time. I almost forgot I had this dream, and I had to dig it out of the recesses of my mind. How is that possible? I’ve noticed that about a couple of dreams I’ve had lately. They’re weird as hell, but they don’t jump out at me like other ones do. Anyway, here goes.

I dreamed I was doing nothing special, I might have been playing Uno on the computer. Then, suddenly, a ghostly image appeared and spoke to me very angrily. He demanded to know if I knew who he was. I said I hadn’t a clue. He said he was Handel, and he was angry with me for disrespecting his song. I looked at him like “What the hell?” and thought I must have been hallucinating. But he went on. He told me I should have known what it was called, considering how hard he worked on it, and that I shouldn’t have had to put up some cheap representation of it somewhere and get people to take guesses at what it was called.

I was standing there in disbelief, wondering when I would figure out who this really was. I could not believe this was truly a dead composer coming back to yell at me, and if it was, how did he know about blogs and the internet? Then he started ranting even louder. “And another thing! That weird thing where fake pianos and harps play it. They had no feeling. That kid in that moving picture thing had more feeling than that other thing. And that kid knew what it was called! That kid respects my music more than you do!”

I sort of walked away, sure that whoever this was would start giving me a shred of a clue. This made him even angrier! “Even when I come into your room and confront you face to face, you still don’t respect me? I’ll teach you about respect,” he yelled and started coming towards me. As he did, my computer started playing some of the scarier-sounding midis that I had downloaded in a collection that was supposed to be all of “The Messiah.” One of them sort of sounded like JAWS. They started to play, as he chased me. Somehow, I kept running into other rooms and avoiding him, all the while thinking “This is dumb. He could just walk through walls if he really wanted me.” As he was getting closer, the last thoughtI had in the dream was “I’m so going to blog about this, and I’ll call it ‘he couldn’t handel it'”. And then I woke up.

What the hell was that? And why am I dreaming about blog post titles? I need to get a life.

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