O No!

When I first read a summary of this story, I couldn’t stop laughing. Steve came in and asked what was making me laugh so hard, and I just kept laughing. In the end, I had to make JAWS read it to him, because I couldn’t finish even one sentence.

This is what made me laugh. A fellow who seemed to be in desperate need of oxycodone eventually broke into a pharmacy and stole everything that was ready for pickup under the letter o. He failed to realize that prescriptions are alphabetized by patient’s last name. Imagine his complete and utter disappointment when he got home and discovered that he did not have oxycodone, but yeast infection treatments, some birth control pills and some cholesterol medication.

Hahahahahahahahahahahah! This is about as good as that story about the guy who stole some drugs from a store, then took them before he got home, and was found passed out in front of the store. I could have sworn we blogged about this, but blast, I can’t find it.

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