Click And Go Maps: How Cool Is That?

Well, what else could I say about what I’m about to describe? This is so cool it has to come up with a new word for cooler than cool.

In Touch Graphics have developed Click And Go Maps. What are click and go maps? They are walking directions designed with the blind in mind. They mention landmarks that only we would care about, like water falls, tiles, carpet, distances, widths of hallways, stuff that most people don’t even think to tell us about. Just listen to this podcast, and try to tell me this is not cool.

It’s expensive though, but I can sorta understand. They have to send someone out to the business that wants a map made of their facilities. The person has to be someone who is trained in making the maps, and they then take a video of the area and from the video, make the text-based maps of every possible way you might want to go in and around the facility. Then blinks download the maps onto their stream, or phone, or whatever floats their boat and follow the directions.

That would be so awesome. I hope they take off somehow.

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