Oh The Things That Enter My Head

That old “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” song came on the radio, and I got to thinking. Wouldn’t things have turned out badly if his letter got lost in the mail? That could have ruined the whole relationship. She wouldn’t have tied the ribbon, and he would have thought it was over. In the worst possible scenario, that would be a whole different song. “I’ll knot a yellow ribbon, and swing from a tree…” Oh I’m so evil.

Or, what if she went to the general store, and they were out of yellow ribbons? Say she went three days before he came home, and they said “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we’re out of yellow ribbons, and the next shipment won’t be in for at least five days.” Then what would she have done? Tie a blue ribbon around the old oak tree? And when he saw that, what would that have meant? Did he win first prize? Should he stay on the bus, and forget about us?

God I’m in an odd mood. Brace yourselves for weird posts. Just warnin’ ya.

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