He Was Acting Like A Dog, He’s Where He Belongs

Oh my my my. That’s quite the arrest report on now ex-sheriff’s deputy Samuel Bledsoe. Something tells me he won’t have any luck getting his job back.

I guess he was driving somewhere with his father-in-law, and they decided to have some drinks. Obviously both he and his father in law had too much, judging by what happened next. They were driving somewhere, and blew out a tire. They called a roadside assistance company, and a dude came to help change a flat tire. What he found made him call the cops.

Bledsoe and dear old dad in law were harfing out of the car, drunk out of their minds. Before the cops managed to show up, dear old dad in law was lying face-down in the snow next to the blown out tire. There was harf all over Bledsoe, harf on the driver’s seat, harf outside the car, harf everywhere. Bledsoe was blitzoed, so badly that he could not follow instructions or complete the field sobriety tests. When they put him in the back of the car, he tried to slam the door on another cop, and then started kicking it, and they had to put him in the K9 cage.

At first, I cackled and howled because I thought this meant they put him in a dog crate. But now I understand that they put him in the smaller compartment of the car meant to put dogs in. It’s not quite as funny as a man in a dog crate, but hey, it’s still funny.

After they tested his blood, and he cursed the cop out for making him lose his job, he was taken to jail, and did lose his job very quickly. I don’t think they had much choice in the matter.

What the hell? This sounds like an episode of “Cops.” I would never expect a cop to be the one doing the hitting and kicking.

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