Commuting Is Harder Than It Ever Was, I Can’t Get Out On Holidays, Cause I Take The Bus

Here’s a puzzler for ya. Guelph is cutting back, so it is not running its buses on holidays at all. They used to run on reduced hours, but they still ran. But this new change mildly pisses me off because the city puts on events on holidays and invites everyone to come out. And how are people supposed to come out if they don’t have a car? In some cases, I have heard cab companies say they don’t enter the area either because it’s too congested with people. So the only way a person is going to come out is by walking or in a car. If these events are happening downtown, parking is pretty limited, so even if someone did have a car, they might prefer to take the bus, but they can’t, because no buses are running.

But I just looked at the list of days when the buses are not running, and something made me die laughing. One of the days is the August civic holiday, which Guelph has begun using to remember the city’s founder. Again, they always want people to come and take part in a whole ton of events, and there are many events held downtown. But the city’s own buses will not be helping people to get there. Way to go, Guelph. That was some fine planning there.

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