Mr. Safety’s Pint Glass

My first reaction to this story was “Oh no, here goes the UK again.” Then I softened a bit, and then one line stood out for me.

So the story is that the UK has developed a safer beer glass. Safer? Well, more shatter-proof. Ok, I can deal with that. People like to smash beer glasses and people get hurt. Ok. But then they said something that sounded scary.

And even if the new models are smashed, the dangerous shards of glass are held together by a layer of resin, said the company when at a launch event Thursday.

So now, instead of having small pieces, we have a giant mass of them, held together? Hmmm…sounds like an improvised blade or something.

Then there was this line.

British interior minister Alan Johnson praised the new models and said the properties of the current pint glass are to blame for much of the country’s alcohol-related violence.

The glass is to blame? What about the drunken fool hurling the glass? He’s not to blame at all?

Now that they’ve fixed the beer glass, what will be the next implement the drunks pick up and heavve?

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