Crazy Lunch Lady Land

Wow. Both people involved in this food feud sound like prizes. Where did it take place? In a school cafeteria. In this corner, we have a 13-year-old girl who is in fifth grade. She’s 13 and she’s still in the fifth grade? I hope there’s an explanation for that. And in the other corner, we have cafeteria aid Rosa Robles.

The story goes that without provocation, the girl threw vegetables in Robles’ face and then walked over to sit down and eat her lunch. Robles would have none of this, came over, threw a plate of vegetables in the girl’s face and said “How do you like it?” which made the girl punch Robles and start an actual fight involving fists.

Can you imagine seeing this in elementary school? I mean, I’ve seen food fights start in high school cafeterias, but elementary school? The girl shouldn’t have thrown food at Robles, but the way to handle it wasn’t to respond in kind, and certainly should not have involved punching the kid. Now the girl’s suspended and Robles is being investigated.

Eek. Just eek.

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