I’ve talked about the Saguaro song here and when I actually bought the album. But as I said when I described the song, words alone do not do it justice. So…Lizards, I hope you don’t mind, but here’s the song. People, after you listen to it, you need to immediately zoom over to their site and buy stuff, lots of their stuff.

But this song has gotten me to thinking. We get hate mail and raging comments where we are called “hauge pieces of shit” and we get not one, but two yelling graphics for things we have said. We haven’t done nearly as much as the lizards did by writing a whole song making fun of the stupidity of David Grundman. What does the Grundman family think of this song? Have they heard it? Do they agree with it, or are they mortally offended? Did the Lizards ever hear from them?

I wanted to email them and basically tell them how awesome I think they are and ask them this question, but all their contacts are just for booking and promo stuff. So, if you’re out there, please drop by and tell us. We’d love to know.

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