The Drugs I Need Was The Album I Needed

I woke up to a fun surprise. It’s Valentine’s Day, but since Steve already bought me a giant birthday dinner, I told him he didn’t have to worry about getting me a Valentine’s Day present. He would have none of that, and told me here was a present, not for Valentine’s Day, but for just being me. Aww.

Wanna know what it was? Do ya? Sure ya do! It was another album by the Austin Lounge Lizards. This album is called “The Drugs I Need” and they made it in 2006. Yup, they’re still good. This album is awesome. In the first song, I started laughing and I didn’t stop…well, I stopped when they decided to change the mood and give me the shivers. But I didn’t stop because it wasn’t funny. Let’s do that thing where I name each song and describe it. I really don’t know if the descriptions do the songs justice. Maybe they only look good to me, who heard the song anyway. Oh well.

Go Ahead and Die
There’s nothing like a song about health insurance executives to get the album off to a roaring start, especially when it’s written like a sailing song, complete with a good R and R joke in there. I’m seriously going to be walking around going “Yo, ho, yo, ho, go ahead and die.”

The Drugs I Need
Ok, have these guys been reading our blog? Seriously? This is like the third song of theirs that has reminded me of one post or another. This one made me think of the old post about killer arthritis medications. Progenitorivox may cure what ails you…but it may kill you with side-effects a plenty. I love the line about getting it cheaper in Canada.

One True God
This song a. is awesome, and b. will stay in your head. Steve had bought this a while ago, and had listened to the song, and said he had to stop himself from singing it in case I asked him what he was singing, which of course would spoil the surprise. I love the chorus.

You say your god is the one true god, but my one god is the one true god
I don’t wanna hear about your one god, cuzz my one god’s the one.

Yeah! You could not sum up religious wars any better! I also love this line.

We have to kill them, it’s a shame, we’ve only got themselves to blame.

Xmas Time for Visa
This one was one of those stop and get kinda sad while laughing type songs, all about spiraling deeper into credit card debt while just trying to stay afloat because of the crazy interest rates. It’s always Christmas time for visa, even if these poor credit card holders are celebrating in the street.

Neighbor of the Beast
Just imagine if 666 was the devil’s address, and you lived at 667. You would see him in a whole new way. You knew him as a kid, saw him grow up, and now you’d like him to stop playing Motorhead and stop screwing the whore of Babylon so you could have some peace.

Wer Ist Da?
Please, please any germans, help me. Help me help me help me. This song was all in German, except for the words “Auston Lounge Lizards” and “texas”. Let me find the lyrics.

Ack! I do not have any lyrics! But if there is anyone out there who speaks German and wants to unravel this for me, send me a message and I’ll send you the song.

Buenos Dias Budweiser
again, can’t find lyrics, but I swear the spanish is saying more than the English is letting on. If you want to have a crack at it, let me know and I’ll send you the song. It’s funny anyway.

Toast The Earth With ExxonMobil  
I think the title gives you the idea. It’s one of those stop and think while chuckling songs. Nothing like a song ending with “Match in the gas tank, Boom boom!”

Ain’t Gonna Rain
I think they knew we needed a little simple lightheartedness after that one. Steve’s been walking around going “It ain’t gonna rain no more no more, it ain’t gonna rain no more, well how in heck can I wash my neck if it ain’t gonna rain no more?” and I thought “I haven’t heard that in years,” and wondered where he’d heard it. Now I know. It’s a pretty fun little song. I caught myself just singin’ right along with it.

Banjo Players In Heaven  
Hahhaha! Apparently, even Jesus hates banjo players, so you won’t find very many up there. Not much else to say except it was funny.

The Tower  
This song left me paralyzed for a second, unable to start the next song, with goose bumps traveling up and down my spine. It wasn’t so much scary in content, but the point was clear, the idea that big companies are controlling all the stations, all the info, all the music, everything you get through the media. Hey, why don’t the local TV matters people use it? I love how progenetorivox was mentioned in this song again.

And now we pause for our necessary dose of what the fuck did I just listen to? An armadillo falls in love with a concertina? At any rate, it made me laugh.

We’ve Been Through Some Crappy Times Before  
And this is the way the album ends, a song listing off the various, well, crappy times in American history, with the message that hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I’m so happy Steve got me this album. It’s a gooder. I need more of these guys. Once I like a group, I get dangerous and want as much as I can inhale. Can you say Oh Susanna?

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