That’s One Sick Puppy

This whole situation seems weird, but the weirdest part of it is Nicholas R. Hubbard. He decided to trade his computer for a puppy. What an odd trade. I guess I can sort of see it. Some puppies are worth a few hundred bucks, and instead of money, he gave her the computer. But then when the puppy scratched his daughter, he called the woman from whom he got the puppy telling her he was going to hurt it. Because the puppy scratched his kid? Uh, just wait until it starts using its needle-sharp teeth on you and you have to teach it that you are not a giant chew toy. Just wait until it chews up your shoes and has an accident in your house before it’s house-trained.

Fearing for the safety of the puppy, the woman said she would take the dog back and give him back the computer. He agreed. Then, a bit later, he said he had changed his mind and came back for the poor little dog. The woman decided nope, I don’t think so, and in response, he kicked in her door and smashed car windows!

I don’t think he should be raising his daughter, much less keeping a puppy.

and enough references to “police said,” ya think? That story was short, and if I turned that into a drinking game, I’d be on the floor.

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