Country Rap? I Think A Letter Is Missing

I’m not sure many words exist to adequately describe what I’m about to share with you all or maybe I should say yiz’all, so I’ll keep it to 2. Country rap. Yeah, that’s what I said, country rap.

Yes,that John Michael Montgomery.

I’m not sure if old John has gone through some hard times in the last few years or if he’s having trouble mustering up enough giveafuckedness to get into his lyrics and is just doing this for a quick payday, but whatever it is, he definitely sounds like he’s seen better days. I never much cared for his music, but hearing him sound the way he does is still a wee bit depressing. Ok, somehow I managed to listen to it again and I firmly believe he must have been drunk off his ass when he recorded this, either that or he’s half asleep while in the middle of chowing down on a giant mouthful of cake.

And what to say about Colt Ford? I’m honestly not sure, so I may have to settle for congratulating him on his immense talent. Yes, I’m serious. Until I was introduced to the musical stylings of Mr. ford, I thought it impossible to make the cliché I reside in a backwoods area and quite enjoy it there y’all type song that’s so popular these days sound any worse. Proving me wrong with what appears to be such a total lack of effort certainly takes ability of some kind.

I’m trying to sum this up so that I can post it and move on with my life, but the writer part of me keeps saying that geesh that honked doesn’t really make a complete conclusion. but the smart part of me is saying if you leave it at geesh that honked you can move on with life and never think of this song again, so…

Geesh, that honked.

Yes, smart me wins for once.

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